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I'd like to discuss methodology here rather than the details of software. The hope is that a compelling argument will be made to investigate what safety compliance software and mobile technology can do to enhance construction your safety and health program. Planned Inspections and Spontaneous Observations Following the time worn but proven concept of plan, do, check, act (the ANSI Z10 Safety Management Standard), we must establish the proper working conditions, implement correct procedures, evaluate actual outcomes and continuously improve practices. This requires a plan that can be measured through physical observations and validation of acceptable findings, and assignment of responsibilities to achieve the desired outcomes of your safety and health program. Traditionally, inspections have been a paper chase with the first task being to define what will be observed and documenting it on hard copy forms. Then comes the job of manually recording observations with notes and photos, developing lengthy reports and distributing corrective actions. All of it is a time-consuming responsibility of safety professionals and others assigned to the inspection work. This takes valuable time away from leading-edge opportunities to address program improvements or tackle new challenges. We have found that mobile technology using safety compliance software, such as smartphones and tablets, quickly can be populated with existing inspection content, enhanced with expanded recording capabilities and put on to the work floor to rapidly capture conditions, auto-document photos attached to observations, assign corrective actions appropriately via e-mail and generate the final report by simply by pressing the print button.

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